At EMBRACE Senior Advisors, we specialize in offering referrals to a wide array of long-term care options tailored to meet the diverse needs of your loved ones. Our goal is to ensure that every individual finds a living arrangement that aligns with their lifestyle, health requirements, and personal preferences.

elderly couple sitting on the couch cheering

Independent Living

Independent living options are ideal for seniors who desire a community environment with minimal assistance. These settings offer independence.

lady hugging elderly man

Retirement Living

Retirement living provides a blend of independence and community, perfect for seniors looking to enjoy a supportive and vibrant environment.

cheerful caregiver talking to senior woman

Adult Foster Homes

Adult Foster Homes offer a more intimate care setting, ideal for seniors who prefer a home-like atmosphere with personalized care and attention.

lady and elderly woman sitting on the couch

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are designed for seniors who require assistance with daily activities, offering a balance of independence and support.

two elderly having a consultation

Residential Care Facilities

Residential Care Facilities provide comprehensive care and supervision, catering to seniors who need more consistent assistance and medical care.

caregiver doing puzzle with senior man

Memory Care

Memory Care units specialize in caring for seniors with memory-related conditions, offering support and specialized staff to enhance their quality of life.